In 2015 I and a number of other artists were asked to create artworks based on the theme "Holy, Holy, Holy", We later presented them at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, Italy.  For this I created a sound piece based on my appointments with the gynecologist while I was pregnant.. I titled it The Visitation. In the New Testament "The Visitation" is when Elizabeth, pregnant with John the Baptist, greets Mary, pregnant also with Jesus, and the baby leaps in Elizabeth's womb. In Italy meetings with the gynecologist are called "The Visit". Hence the title of the piece is a play on words. While Elizabeth experienced joy in her “visit", my “visits” were often stressful.  This sound piece is based off a particular visit with the gynecologist, after I fell down the stairs and was worried about the condition of my baby. The music is my own composition and recording.